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Music Videos

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  • If you are a young performer, age 14 to 29, this is an opportunity to join with other talented musicians to get your name out there and support an important cause.
  • If you are selected as one of 12 performers, you will have a few weeks to learn a song. We will record you performing the song in an inspiring setting, then combine it with other selected performers.
  • Submissions will be reviewed between May 16, 2016 and July, 10th 2016. See below for details.


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Use the comment field below and send us a link to your video. It can be any genre of music and it can be made with any kind of camera or hand-held device. It should show you performing a song of your choice in a way that grabs people’s attention. Good luck to you!


Official Rules



If you are a young performer, 14 to 29 year’s old, this is an opportunity to strut your stuff, get your name out there, and promote a life that sucks a little less.


  • Length: Your link should show a video that is between 30 seconds and a few minutes. If you send us a longer video, indicate the time stamp of the part you want us to review.


  • The song can be any style and any genre.
  • Format: As long as we can view your video in a Web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer). Shoot it any way you want—digital video, Webcam, avi, mov, mpg or wmv format.

Judging Criteria

  • Performance value (talent, originality)
  • Inspiration value (relevance, impact)


  • The contest begins on May 16, 2016.
  • Deadline for submissions is end of day on July 10th, 2016.
  • Winners of the selection round will be announced on July 17th.

The do’s

  • Submit your video link no later than end of day on May 16th, 2016.

The don’ts

  • Don’t submit a video file. Upload your video to an account on Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., then send us a link.
  • Don’t worry about making it look perfect, we’ll get the idea.

How to Enter

  1. Pick the video you want to submit. If you have one already, great! The best video will show your talent for performing and inspiring.
  2. Use the comment field to send us a link to your video.
  3. Tell your friends and encourage them to submit their videos.