Our Approach



BrainShift Dilemma-Based Learning™

[one_half first]We all face tough choices. While the opportunity to succeed or fail is key to learning, it’s not always practical. You wouldn’t expect an engineer to “red line” a nuclear reactor to learn how to avoid a meltdown. BrainShift Dilemma-Based Learning™ gives learners the tools to “see” the results of today’s decisions so they can “feel” the impact, and try out a variety of scenarios.[/one_half]

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[one_half first]dilemma [/one_half]

[one_half last][hr_invisible]By allowing learners to project themselves into the future and understand how the world works, BrainShift helps them to investigate their own dilemmas. They get a clearer picture of what the future might hold, and as a result are more inclined to take purposeful and appropriate action.[/one_half]


BrainShift is a Boston-based 501c(3) educational non-profit that combines education, entertainment, and technology to create highly visual, interactive, and engaging learning experiences.