BrainShift Launches 32 Pins

BrainShift is planning a series of Pinterest boards with accompanying vlogs that will be offered free-of-charge online. The Pinterest boards will provide information that people around the world can use to educate themselves on important topics such as “What does college really cost?”, “Is the news real?, and “Are elections rigged?”. Donald Kelley, Director of BrainShift, described the motivation behind 32 Pins.

“Many Americans have had enough of ‘business-as-usual.’ The economic interests of powerful individuals and organizations have not lined up well with the interests of Americans. Senators Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and others have boldly called out the corruption and special interests that are destroying our country from within. They have made it clear that millions of energetic Americans need to educate themselves, take effective action, and contribute to the conversation.”

The first Pinterest board and vlog are expected to be released in April 2016.

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